To book your party, or if you have any questions, please call us at 914-670-8181.

Basic Package: 1.5 hr party
When kids arrive they choose one craft to paint from "party shelfs" - it's preselected inventory consisting off: boxes, figurines, banks, wall plaques, mugs, plates etc

Art Projects can be either:
  • Plaster:  $20/child – kids take that home at the end of the party (plaster is being glazed with glittery glaze and we put sparkles on the top, or leave it without if the child does not like it) and it's taken home the same day so it's only decorative.)
  • Ceramic:  $25/child – stays with us for one week for firing process, but it’s more practical, food and dishwasher save.

  • After painting the craft children decorate one T-shirt for the birthday child. Guests can sign the t-shirt, draw flowers, hearts etc.

    After that we help serve the food. You can bring anything you like or we will order pizza for you – you’ll reimburse the money at the end.

    We provide all paper goods, plates, forks, cups, balloons, table covers.
    YOU HAVE TO BRING:  drink and desert

    Full Package: 2 hr party
    Same as the basic package plus 20-25 min dancing part with disco lights and bubbles. Freeze dance, limbo game etc.

    You can bring your own CD or we’ll play our CD.

    Cost: we still count the amount of project that were painted plus we charge $150 extra for the extra 1/2 hr and reserving the studio for 2 hr.

    Please keep in mind that during the basic package party we scroll down the room divider and there is a seperate person assisting walk-ins while we run your party, while during the full package we do not take other clients for 2 hr and the studio is reserved just for you.

    For both parties, there is no minimum of children and the max is 32 children (if drop off), or 25 (if parents stay with children.)

    To book your party, or if you have any questions, please call us at 914-670-8181.

    Thank you for booking your party with us!